Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cooperstown S9 Draft Results

We're way behind schedule with our updates, but batter late than never, here's a recap of the first five rounds of the Mexico City Mystery?'s season 9 Amateur Draft results. This was a somewhat frustrating draft in that I did not really see any top quality guys appear on my board this season. Just about everybody had some sort of flaw. Since the last couple of seasons we had picked up more pitchers than position players (particularly, relief pitchers), an effort was made to concentrate more on position players this time around, flawed as they were, so at least build a little offensive depth in the low minors. So here goes:

First Round: Karl Morandini, SS: The 12th overall selection of the Cooperstown season 9 draft, Karl was ranked #2 on the Mystery?'s draft board. Drafted as a shortstop, his glove and arm accuracy don't quite project to major standards for the position. A fair though not outstanding hitter, Karl is probably best suited to be a solid bench player for the Mystery? in seasons to come as a reserve at second base, or at the corner infield and outfield positions. Most likely, he may realize his truest value to the franchise as trade bait.

Supplemental Round: Felipe Lopez, 2B: Ranked #6 on the Mystery? board, Felipe was the 50th overall selection in the draft. Much like Morandini, Felipe just doesn't project the defensive ratings to be a productive major league infielder and his most likely role will be as a reserve corner outfielder. Also like Morandini, Lopez's value may be more as a tradeable asset in some future season.

Second Round: Bernie Carrasquel, CF: Ranked at number 18 on the Mystery's draft board, Bernie was the 68th pick of this season's draft. Drafted as a center fielder, he sadly does not appear to have the tools to actually play the position at a high level. A mediocre hitter, his only real asset is decent power. At best, he's destined to be a reserve outfielder at the major league level. Could be a fair throw-in in some future trade.

Third Round: Walt Bryant, RH RP: The 100th overall pick of the draft, Walt was ranked 20th overall on the Mystery's draft board, and was 7th among pitchers on the board. Good splits, but with poor control and fairly mediocre overall, he probably didn't have much to chance to really catch on as anything more than a bullpen inning eater. The Mystery? did offer Walt a contract, but he declined as he decided that he would prefer to pursue a pro baseketball career.

Fourth Round: Danny Witt, RH RP: Ranked at #27, Danny was the 132th player selected in the draft. Very similar to Bryant, he is blessed with great splits but poor control and below average velocity. He does have two decent pitches, but is still a dark horse for attaining anything more than a cup of coffee at the major league level.

Fifth Round: Jason Vogelsong, RH RP: Ranked at #43, Jason was the 164th player selected in the draft. Completing the hat trick of unimpressive right handed relievers in the first five rounds, Vogelsong has average control, slightly above average splits, but only a set of mediocre pitches in his arsenal. hope he has a backup plan for when his baseball career tops out at AAA.

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